LittleMonkeysLand the world of One Eye Zombie Apes

Once upon a time in a world very similar to ours, on a planet like the earth, there was a species of very small apes that lived quietly among the trees and caves of this world called “The world of tiny monkeys” or also ” TinyMonkeysLand”.

These small apes with a chubby little belly always full of berries are a very curious and social species. They relate to each other in a very natural way and kindness is always present between them. They never fight and there is no boss in the societies of these pygmy monkeys.

Their diet is primarily herbivorous, although they can eat worms and small mammals or birds that they can hunt on rare occasions when the fruit is scarce due to lack of water.

These dwarf monkeys have always lived near trees because they provide shelter and food as well as being where the lianas exist that allow them to hang, jump and move quickly to travel long distances…

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