Once upon a time in a world very similar to ours, on a planet like the earth, there was a species of very small apes that lived quietly among the trees and caves of this world called “The world of tiny monkeys” or also ” TinyMonkeysLand”.

These small apes with a chubby little belly always full of berries are a very curious and social species. They relate to each other in a very natural way and kindness is always present between them. They never fight and there is no boss in the societies of these pygmy monkeys.

Their diet is primarily herbivorous, although they can eat worms and small mammals or birds that they can hunt on rare occasions when the fruit is scarce due to lack of water.

A view of “LitleMonkeysLand”


These dwarf monkeys have always lived near trees because they provide shelter and food as well as being where the lianas exist that allow them to hang, jump and move quickly to travel long distances.

A long time ago bananas, rather the trees that produce bananas, the banana trees, became extinct on this planet due to a great famine that devastated the planet due to lack of rain. At that time centuries ago, the dwarf monkeys ate all the bananas and banana trees that on this planet have a sweet and particular taste.

The dwarf monkeys loved bananas and their taste and pleasant flavor remained engraved in the depths of their DNA, although they had never tasted them in their lives.


The dwarf monkeys lived peacefully without having the slightest idea of ​​what would literally come upon them in a very short time.

Every 20,000 years, a giant banana-shaped asteroid approached the planet on its millennial trajectory to pass by, leaving behind a green phosphorous trail due to the large number of radioactive components that the asteroid is made of, but this time it was going to be different, the asteroid had collided with a UFO  and its course was now in the direction of the planet of the dwarf apes.

The asteroid called “Krypto-Banana-Uraniumite” was now heading towards the center of the planet of the little apes.


On any given day in the life of dwarf apes, his biggest concern would have been what to eat or how to make his neighbor angry by touching his balls or hiding something from him, but the day of the cataclysm had arrived!!.

That day the sky was dyed a phosphor green color. Well, more like a whole range of shades of green that left all the monkeys looking up at the sky for quite a while.

Suddenly many monkeys appeared who were hiding to scan the sky and see what they had never seen in their lives.

Each and every one of the 2,010,035 monkeys that inhabited that planet was looking at the green sky.

The sky turned that particular color when the asteroid entered the upper layers of the atmosphere, suddenly releasing giga-ultra-meta-many-many-trillion units of radioactivity.

CHAPTER 4 – One Eye Zombie Apes –

The dwarf monkeys were paralyzed while still being able to look carefully at the green sky when suddenly a flash of yellow, greenish and white light appeared in the distance…

That flash little by little was transformed into a huge yellow banana with phosphorous green flashes.

All the monkeys recognized that shape as if they knew that it was an edible banana like the fruits that all their ancestors ate endlessly centuries ago.

All the monkeys screamed with euphoria and joy as they watched a radioactive, meteoric banana speed toward their heads.

When they realized that this big banana was going at a very high speed and would crash into them they got scared but it was too late. The banana formed by kryptonite and uranium atoms joined in a sequence equal to the chain of blocks of Satoshi Nakamoto’s BitCoin, was going to explode on the planet.

The dwarf monkeys raised their hands above their heads as if that gesture would help them…some covered their faces and others simply put on a poker face…

CHAPTER 5 – One Eye Zombie Apes – The Explosion !

KABOOOMMMM!! The kryptonite banana exploded into a thousand pieces with a noise never heard on the planet or in the known universe.

The pieces of the radioactive banana were scattered many kilometers away and due to the great initial explosion, 2,000,000 apes perished at once because they did not resist the shock wave of the explosion, what a pity for little animals

10,035 dwarf apes were left alive.

These surviving apes were scared and froze, but one of them, “Harry”, who had very little intelligence, ate a piece of kryptonite banana because he was very hungry and in a second he became the first mutant ape with a single eye or also called “One Eye Zombie Apes”.


The reaction in Harry’s body was impressive, the color of his skin turned “uranium green”, he suddenly lost his right eye and his head enlarged, resembling Frankenstein’s. What the hell should be inside that radioactive banana?

Harry suddenly became violent and began to bite the other apes, who were also becoming the One Eye Zombie Apes army.

..And in a short time the 10,035 dwarf apes were already “One Eye Zombie Apes” !!.

The One Eye Zombie Apes suddenly became “NFTs” and entered the digital world, where now you can find them all together in the collection ofOpenSea.io.

The One Eye Zombie Apes are very shameful and cover the hole of the left eye with whatever they find in their world where humans had previously inhabited.

The One Eye Zombie Apes have lost most of their body hair and sometimes cover their heads with anything that will cover their brains, if they have any.