The creative process of One Eye Zombie Apes:

It all started one fine day with a drawing of a funny zombie. I have an application of my iPad to be able to draw freehand, which is how I like to draw the most, like when I was a small child and one day I started drawing as I often do, that day the idea of drawing something fun happened in my head but in no case did I want to draw a collection of NFTs or anything like that. (continued below the video)

I leave you below a video where you can see the freehand creations on my iPad. It should be said that the creative process also consists of other professional tools such as payment tools from a personal computer and tools to combine elements of each character.


I started drawing an eye, then a nose and then the deformed head and I thought, “Wow! this looks a lot like a zombie” or something like a member of the monster family with that forehead so flat and big! How fun! At that moment the idea of dibjar something funny had been created in my mind, I painted it green and the details of my first “One Eye Zombie Ape” were gradually drawn.

I made a lot of attempts, changed the size of the nose, the ears, and thought of a funny story, the story of these characters and why they had something in their eye.

At the time I thought that since I had it in a drawing inside my iPad, I could easily replicate it and create another zombie with some difference. I did it and created a few zombies, some with deformed heads, others with an elephant nose and others with zombie eyes. These first zombies are irreplaceable and I can’t create similar ones, so with the idea of the NFT collection, I think they will stay as unique pieces within some NFT market or I will keep it, unless I see that there is demand… We’ll see…