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“One Eye Zombie Apes will revolutionize the world of artistic and badass nfts”

Welcome to the One Eye Zombie Apes Website.

Here you can find all the information about these adorable creatures that due to fate have become zombies that are missing an eye and they always look to have the hole of the right eye filled with whatever they find in their path.

One Eye Zombie Apes is a collection of just over 10,000 friendly zombies that have been trapped in the digital and blockchain world in the form of NFTs.

Upcoming Events

Progressive appearance of hand-drawn mutants and legendary mutants

According to our roadmap, mutant apes will appear in batches of 30, 8000, 1000, 600 and 400.

There are different oddities and properties that make them unique. Among all of them you can find apes that are common, others rare, others epic and some legendary.

Each ape covers the hole in the right eye with something that attracts and that are scattered in the world… They also cover their heads so as not to be cold and almost all of them have changed the eye they still have functional. All this and much more make these beings unrepeatable and fantastic zombie creatures to collect.

Mass output of algorithmically generated mutants (Minting of the NFTs)

Don’t miss the mass release of One Eye Zombie Apes! There are 8000 waiting for you..

In the button below these lines incorporates the link to directly access the page to be able to get some OEZA if you arrive on time!.

PRESS THE BUTTON TO GO TO THE COLLECTION OF 8000 INITIAL OEZAS (Corresponding to point 2 of the roadmap)

Explore the NFT collection of the One Eye Zombie Apes on OpenSea.io

The collection will consist of 10,000 One Eye Zombie Apes NFTs with a very high variability of elements that make it a unique collection and drawn entirely by hand, which gives it a special value that other collections do not have..

Unique handcrafted NFTS may appear over time and will belong to one of the numbered special editions. These special NFTS they may be legendary units, from the golden series or from some special armageddon or ragnarok, but they will never be massive editions to preserve their identity and special characteristics.

It all started with this cute little monkey

It all started with a little monkey with a chubby head and a funny belly that we have named "Harry".
Harry was living happily in his world when one fine day a radioactive banana appeared... well, more like it fell from the sky and exploded.
in a thousand pieces just very close to the forest where he lived.

He, who was one of the smartest monkeys in all of society, realized that this meteorite was approaching his planet.
with unbelievably fast speed, it closely resembled a banana, a fruit that their ancestors had enjoyed
greatly in the past.

That fruit was good and sweet and had a characteristic flavor. Dwarf ape culture worshiped yellow fruit
recalling the bananas that once grew in the jungles and jungles of "LittleMonkeysLand" and every year the day of the banana was celebrated!

When Harry realized that the meteorite resembled in shape and color that fruit he had been wanting to taste all his life, his
Neurons exploded and unleashed a series of indescribable chemical reactions.

Harry was as if abducted by a banana-thirsty personality!
Harry was saved from the first impact of the radioactive banana and when he got close to a big piece of radioactive banana...he ate it!

At that exact moment, a reaction of epic dimensions took place in her little body...

Harry became the first One Eye Zombie Ape, his face changed and he now resembled Homer Simpson, a monkey and a bit of Frankenstein.

His skin color changed to a hue of "zombie" uranium green and he became very hungry. Now Harry wanted to bite everyone and he started biting
his congeners... who once, with Harry's bite, began to also become mutants...

And from that moment the lineage of the current 10,037 One Eye Zombie Apes was generated!

Every OneEyeZombieApe has its own and personal story

Each ape has its own personality and tastes and hence they have preferences to cover their empty right eye socket or choose caps, hats or different items to cover their heads.

Each ape magnetically attracts a different type of object

The intrinsic sidereal banana radioactivity that each ape has, gives it a rare energy that makes it attract any type of object to its head. They can be from fruits to knives, animals or paellas!

etur adipiscing elit.

They cover their eye hole with objects that attract

These apes are very very shy and anything that is round or fits into their empty right eye socket they use to cover it up. Some will wear a pool ball, others a half lemon or an orange, and still others dinosaur eggs

Woow! But..What’s the history of all these One Eye Zombie Apes ?

You can find the story on this website but to summarize it we can say that because of a radioactive meteorite in the form of a giant banana, the little apes of a planet called “TinyMonkeysLand” were affected by radiation that mutated them suddenly and made them acquire many skills and their body changed radically.

Take a look at this fantastic story by clicking on the link at your left !

A small sample of the mutant apes that have appeared recently..

Some One Eye Zombie Apes have appeared recently.

They have been spotted in the vicinity of the Opensea.io website but we believe that many more are ready to appear in the collection that bears the same name.

You must be attentive to the dates of the roadmap indicated on this website to have a chance to get one of them! Follow us to have more information of the world of One Eye Zombie Apes!

This will be great !

Here a legendary One Eye Zombie Ape

Some curiosities

#1. Skull growth

His head grew upward, his eyelids swelled, his complexion turned a pale radioactive green, and his right eye suddenly exploded. and the same thing happened to all the apes. Strange coincidence… or not…

#2. Fill in the gap

They are very shy and social creatures and as they are very embarrassed to have an empty eye socket, wandering around their little world all the time. they find they put it inside the hole of the right eye.

#3. Cold in the head

Most apes lost almost all the hair that covered their bodies and heads and now, if htey can (and they don’t have some giant horn or grain that prevents it) they cover their heads with something that covers their deformed skull.

What’s next to come ?

Follow the instructions on this page and you can find where to get the different types of OEZA that will appear over time.

Follow the instructions on this page and you can find where to get the different types of OEZA that will appear over time.

Follow the instructions on this page and you can find where to get the different types of OEZA that will appear over time.

Follow the instructions on this page and you can find where to get the different types of OEZA that will appear over time.